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The nursing field certainly isn't for everyone. It's a tough job with potentially long hours and inconvenient work shifts. At the same time, many of the long-time nurses absolutely love what they do and find it very rewarding. But if you get into your nursing training and discover that it just isn't right for you -- you can certainly start looking for something else.

One career field that has a high level of satisfaction is interior design. Interior designers get to plan and set up living and work spaces for homeowners and commercial building owners and lease holders. The more education a designer has in art and other related fields, the easier their job will be. You can find out more about becoming an interior designer.

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School choices to explore colleges in areas which include music, economics, art history, and natural sciences.
Nurse training colleges and take a look at this list of good opportunities.
Academic advice and other good instructional variations from first-rate traditional colleges.
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